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Edgers Navy Blue Four Piece Tuxedo

Edgers Navy Blue Four Piece Tuxedo

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This navy blue four piece tuxedo is perfect for anyone who enjoys a bit of sparkle and glamour in any special occasions, be it dinner parties, weddings, cruises, or events.

The single-button jacket has a sparkly, shimmer effect all the way through, and the satin-like solid navy fabric on the lapel and pocket, adds details of elegance.

To add to this four piece, the double-breasted waistcoat has a satin-like navy blue fabric all the way through, and the same sparkly, shimmery lining on the lapel and and pockets, contrasting the details on the jacket,. The waistcoat also includes an adjustable clasp.

The slim fit trousers adds charm to this suit with its satin-like fabric.

To top off, the suit includes a navy blue sparkly bowtie that clasps to the shirt collar to finish the ensemble.

This four piece includes

- Jacket

- Waistcoat

- Trousers

- Bowtie

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